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Wee Rascals Preschool
"Family-Owned and Operated Since 1979."

Preschool Curriculum in Surprise, AZ

Our High/Scope™ curriculum is grounded in the theoretical perspective of Jean Piaget, who believed that children develop thinking skills through direct experiences with people and objects in the world around them.
Our Learning Centers are designed around the Curriculum Content:

Approaches to Learning
Includes initiative, planning, engagement, problem solving, and reflection.

Social and Emotional Development
Includes self-identity, sense of competence, emotions, empathy, community, building relationships, cooperative play, moral development, and conflict resolution.

Physical Development and Health
Includes gross- Motor skills, fine-motor skills, body awareness, personal care, health behavior.

Language, Literacy, and Communication
Includes comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, concepts about print, book knowledge, reading and writing.

Includes number words and symbols, counting, part-whole relationships, shapes, spatial awareness, measuring, patterns, and data analysis.

Creative Arts
Includes are, music, movement, pretend play, and appreciating the arts.

Tree of Knowledge — Preschool Curriculum in Surprise, AZ
Science and Technology
Includes observing, classifying, experimenting, predicting, drawing conclusions, communicating ideas, the natural and physical world, and tools and technology.

Social Studies

Includes diversity, community roles, decision making, geography, and history.
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